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Guarino Sons Produce History in West Deptford, NJ

Holding Aubergine — Farmer's Market in National Park, NJ
In the early 1900's our great-grandfather Vincent Guarino began selling bananas from a cart on the streets of Sicily to support his family. He worked hard, and finally in 1916 brought his family to America. He continued to sell his bananas from a roadside stand in New York City along with the help of his son,our grandfather, Andrew Guarino. After he passed away, Andy took over the family business and expanded into selling all kinds of fruit and produce, as well as bananas. After a few years he settled in Beverly, NJ with our grandmother and started a roadside market along Route 130. He would buy the freshest produce and sell out everyday.

After many years of hard work he decided to start a wholesale company. In 1958, along with his two sons, Bob (our father) and our Uncle Vince, he started A. Guarino Sons Wholesale Fruit & Produce Co. From his basement and with one truck, they sold produce to restaurants, delis, institutions,and roadside markets. As the business grew, they built a warehouse next door to their home and together they worked hard as a family and built the business into a successful company with a fleet of 15 trucks. In 1993 the company was moved to its current facility in West Deptford/National Park NJ, where the fourth generation of Guarinos joined the company with their father, Bob. Today Robert, Jason and Brian Guarino are now involved in all aspects of the company from sales and buying, to loading and unloading trucks and inspecting all loads coming in and going out. A lot has changed since the early years however, Guarino Sons Produce, Inc. is still run the same today as it was when Andrew opened the doors in 1958 and will continue to offer quality service at an affordable price.